Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Keeping Motivated

What Gets in The Way?

I have been a bit neglectful this last month regarding both my blog and my writing.

Summer doldrums seem to have set in. The interesting fact is that I am not suffering from writer's block as far as the last Magiskeep novel, "The Fifth Dragon," is concerned. I know exactly where the story is going and how to write to get it there. It's just the daunting job ahead that seems to have stopped me in my tracks.

That, and trying to get ready for some upcoming surgery.  I broke my hip falling off my horse over a year ago, and the metalwork put in to repair the break has been bothering me.  Now that everything is healed I will be having the pins and probably the rods removed.

Fortunately, this is a "same day" surgery, if all goes according to plan, but once I am home again, I will be limited as to just what I can do.  That means I need to make sure the house and the horses are well-prepared.

I am hoping the horse sitter will be able to care for the Boys while I am recuperating, but I do need to stock up on hay and grain before that. As well, I need to get a lot of things organized in the house, and make a shopping list of everything I might need for several weeks when I'm not supposed to be doing much walking around.

Seems that once my mind is occupied with preparing for that adventure, the adventure of Jamus is on a bit of a hold. Is that a rule? One story at a time?

I must admit, I've left Jamus in a bit of a pickle. He has a dangerous mystery to solve in a new and treacherous land.  At the moment, he's not at all sure who are his allies and who are his enemies.

I do feel a certain obligation to help him along, I must admit.  It is a fact that the characters we authors create are real people to us and we are responsible for their "health and welfare."  So, the sooner I get back to writing the better.  I so expect that it will be a prime focus of my attention while I am laid up with my hip.  Keeping my mind occupied with a fantasy world, especially one where Magic abounds and is able to solve most problems, will be a great escape from my own discomfort.

After all, isn't that what fantasy is all about?  It offers us an escape from the real world and the problems we cannot solve by ordinary means. We enter a place where Magic has the potential to make things right when all is lost.

For authors, fantasy offers a decided power over worlds and characters we create.  Call us "gods" if you will, and our words command whatever reality we decide to invent. We make our own laws and essentially can do whatever we want.

In this case, I will write to forget my own reality.  Perhaps, if my words can actually work a spell, they will actually make me feel better.