Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Let Me Introduce

The Horses of My Real Life

I've mentioned that Whim's personality was inspired by my own Russell R.  Well, here he is with me on his back. We used to compete in a lot of jumping competitions.
I'll have to look around for a color photo of him. He was a talented horse.

My Tucker is a naughty, opinionated boy. I don't think he will ever actually grow up.

Toby is my oldest boy. He's a solid citizen except he does spook at things. I don't ride him much any more as he's retired.
Chance is the youngest and most sensible of the gang. He and Tucker are both adopted from a horse rescue.
The do like to have fun now and then and heaven knows what happens when I'm not watching. If you read my post on their great escape, you'll know exactly what I mean. Their personalities and stories have definitely influenced my novels. As I've said before, inspiration comes from life.

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