Friday, November 7, 2014

Where is Magiskeep?

The World of Fantasy

Magiskeep is a kingdom in the fictional world of Turan. The sun rises in the west in this world and time is counted by the changing of the winds.

The day is divided into four parts. Easwin is the morning, Sowin the  midday, Weswin the evening, and Norwin the night.  Spans are like hours passing during the day. So, it might be several spans past Norwin and that would be mid-afternoon. Distances might also be defined by spans, indicating the time it would take to travel that journey on a walking horse.

In general, time is very non-specific as most people don't concern themselves with deadlines. Most meetings requiring more precise time would be scheduled at Windchange.

The seasons pass in Turan in the middle more moderate climates. Newmonth, Warmmonth,
Fullmonth ,Seremonth, and Chillmonth define the five recognized seasons of each Circle. The Circle is the full passing of the seasons.  The Great Circle is made up of unnumbered regular Circles (years to us) and will only close when the world is ended by some great cataclysm.  In the Saga of Magiskeep, the Great Circle is threatened by the Black Dragon, Blackwing and his forces of Darkness.

Darkness is the enemy of knowledge. The End of the Circle allows Darkness to rule in place of Light. If the Great Circle closes, life continues, but all knowledge is lost plunging humankind back into total ignorance. The Magicians lose their Magic, tradesmen and farmers lose their skills, and the Dark Forces have complete control with no weapons to defeat them.

Thus, Jamus' fight against the Shadows and the Black Dragon are important to all of Turan.

Magic itself is described as a river running in the core of Turan. More about Magic in the next post.

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