Thursday, February 26, 2015

Amazing Young Minds

Inventing Tomorrow

I substitute teach at a high tech academy--The Academy of Science, Mathematics, and Engineering Technologies, Middlesex County Vocational and Technical High School System in New Jersey, USA. 

Yes, that's a mouthful for sure. Students in the school have two career choices: Electrical Engineering or Mechanical Engineering. The school is located on the campus of the Middlesex County College and students often take college courses along with their regular high school classes. 

Blue Ribbon
MCVTS Academy Awarded this honor
These young people are amazing scholars with excellent skills and bright futures. "Proof of the Pudding," so to speak was the High Tech Expo competition they held on campus today. Groups of students presented projects they had designed for the Expo through PowerPoint presentations and explanatory speeches. 

You want to see impressive? You should have been there. Students competing were from all grade levels and every single one was well-spoken, well prepared and an innovative thinker. 

Their views of tomorrow's world and their ideas to conquer its challenges with technology was impressive. 

Each group of presenters selected a problem in the world and set about finding a solution. They proposed an original invention and then set about designing it. They all had budgets, development plans, research to back up the proposals' merits, the technology to develop the projects, marketing analysis, and just about every aspect a good inventor needs to successfully launch a new product. Some had working prototypes and all had some good solid proof that their ideas would actually work in the real world. 

Here are a few examples:

An automatic programmable device to administer medications to patients in hospitals on a preset schedule designed to free nurses and caregivers from constant attendance. The problem cited was that the patient to nurse ratio in most hospitals was at critical levels and this device could provide patient care without an attendant present. 

A solar panel power supply for a car producing far more efficient and economical electric power. 

A next generation water purification system based on using artificial membranes simulating natural protein filtration. This system is an efficient and economical alternative to current desalination and water purification plants. 

A new, lightweight in inexpensive headgear camera. 

A new system of brake lights for cars designed to signal following drivers of the intensity of braking to help avoid rear end collisions. 

A radio frequency based sensor that can be robotically used during fires and other catastrophes to help rescue personnel find victims trapped in dangerous places. The sensor essentially has the ability to sense life when sent into the danger zone. 

Every one of these proposals used real world technologies and certainly had some good marketing potential. 

If you are ever skeptical of where the next generation of innovators is coming from, all you need to do is drop by our campus or one of the hundreds of similar high tech schools around the country. 

US News
Another Honor for the Academy 
As far as I'm concerned, the future is in good hands. 

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