Friday, February 13, 2015

Get 'Er Done

Why Things Don't Work

While this may seem slightly off topic, I do need to say something about Washington, DC and our non-functional government. It really does relate to my writing in a way as there are numerous political conflicts in my novels. The only saving grace is that ultimately, in my novels, Magic can solve most of them if need be. However, most of the time good common sense and a healthy dose of reasonable governance works just as well.

Reasonable governance--a term not often recognized in Washington today.  "Reasonable" suggests that some good thought has been put into policies and proposed legislation so that good laws will be passed to the betterment of the country.

Driving in to work this bitter cold morning, I heard the news that Congress had put forth a bill to fund the Department of Homeland Security, but that there was little chance it would actually pass. With an upcoming break in business, it looked as if funding would run out for the Department next week without any resolution to what was proving a legislative stalemate.

No matter what we might think about Homeland Security, I do tend to believe most of its functions are pretty vital to the safety of the nation. So why the hangup on much needed funding?

It's one of those special "additions" to the basic bill.  This time it is the Republicans who decided to add something they wanted--a set of laws designed to negate nearly all the immigration reforms President Obama had put in place with Executive Orders. (Please note: This is a common tactic used by both parties to try to push their agendas, so I'm not making a partisan statement here.)

Now, the Democrat legislators whose votes are needed to pass the funding bill, simply will not vote for a bill with the "immigration canceling" provisions attached. Surely, the Republicans knew that when they attached the offending provisions.

So why? What's the point? So one side can blame the other when the Department of Homeland Security closes down due to a lack of money? To try to blackmail the other party into doing something is doesn't want to do by threatening to close down a vital arm of the Government?

Whatever the motive, once again it seems playing politics is far more important to Washington legislators than good governing.

If destroying the President's immigration edicts is so important, then why not challenge them directly with legislation specific to the problem?  Offer up a "cancellation bill" all on its own and fight the clean fight to try to pass it.  Don't risk the very safety of the nation based on an issue that really has an indirect relationship to the larger issues Homeland Security must deal with.

At times like this, it's no wonder readers want to escape into the fantasy worlds we authors create where Magic and fix most anything.

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  1. that's Washington. TBH, i could never quite grasp why the US government thought it needed a Dept of Homeland Security, given it already had the FBI, CIA, etc all the other alphabet organisations that exist. and it's not as if DHS promotes joined up thinking - surely just another excuse for a multi party turf war where no one talks to anyone else?