Saturday, March 28, 2015

New Book in The Saga!

Newly Published

Silvrin Shards, the next book in The Saga of Magiskeep is now available for Kindle at Amazon.  Epub version is available at Smashwords. Paperback will be available soon.

Epub Version at Smashwords

Kindle Version at Amazon

Silvrin Shards—fractured pieces twisting reality out of the Way of Mirrors. The world is distorted, and the very life of Magic is challenged by the darkness of men's evil ambitions and the hunger of Shadows

Deceptions abound in three new stories of Magiskeep as Jamus’ mastery of both the Keep and  Way is challenged by Shadows, reflections and the foolish ambitions of men.

Darkwing’s Daughter holds the secret of Shadows in her heart as a passage to the Way spills deceit into one of the provinces. 

Dreamchaser offers a dangerous adventure, horse thieves and a young boy whose courage knows no bounds. 

The dangerous Cave of Shadows leads Jamus into a riddle he must solve in order to save Magiskeep from the treachery of Reflections determined to conquer the very heart of Magic. 

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