Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Controlling the Weather

Aftermath of the "Blizzard that Never Was" in NJ

Magic Would be Nice

In the novels of The Saga of Magiskeep,  Jamus' ability to control the weather is often impacted by the strength of his Will. Turan's weather does not bend to his every wish, however.

What is curious is that often, when his mind is disrupted by his emotions, the skies begin to storm. It is a mystery to be unraveled as the novels progress. Rains torrent down when he is driven from Magiskeep to the Rim by Sagari's attack and it is only when he commands, "Enough," that the storms abate.

Primarily, it is not Jamus' intent to disturb the normal flow of nature in his world. While it seems his Magic is perfectly capable of controlling nature, to him, that is not a right choice. Just like he tries not to interfere with the free will of other people unless it's absolutely necessary, he tries not to interfere with the natural order of things.

One of the recurring themes in The Saga is the abuse of power. Men and Sorcerers of stature and command are easily tempted to use their power for selfish gain.  Controlling the weather deliberately would be one of those abuses.

What if a Magician demanded sunny days, day after day just to satisfy his own pleasure? Would he then have to adjust the clouds so as not to starve the cornfields of water? Would he then have to enchant the crops to grow?

Recognizing that using Magic always has consequences is an important theme in the novels. Over and over again, Jamus faces this realization.  Part of his character is his ability to remember that each time he is tempted to use Magic to solve a crisis.

We here in New Jersey just missed getting crushed by a massive blizzard. Nature gave us a break by sending the storm some fifty miles out to sea. My friends in New England are still getting the brunt of it, but we lucked out. At times like this, I wish I had the Magic to send the storm far from their shores so they did not have to suffer the consequences.  But, alas, I do not. All I can do is send them my good wishes and a few prayers.

Besides, if I could send that storm away, where would it go? Who else might have to pay the price of my magic?

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  1. someone at sea, probably.... riding out a Force 12 in the Bay of Biscay is no fun, i can tell you!