Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Way of Mirrors

Reflections of Reality

One of the important places in the world of the Saga of Magiskeep is the Way of Mirrors.

Four mirrors set facing each other allows the Magician entrance into the Way. Once inside, he is faced with hundreds of mirrored corridors with doors opening into infinite worlds, all some kind of reflection of reality.

The Way is the home of reflections of people who have gazed into a mirror on a day when Magic chose to capture their reflection. This is where things get interesting.

As we all know, each time we look at our own reflection in a mirror it changes depending on our moods, the lighting, the time of day.  Sometimes we are pleased with what we see. Sometimes we are not. One day we may think our faces are beautiful and then the next morning when our eyes are half closed with sleep and the world seems dreary all around, we see a tired, grouchy vision of ourselves, an entirely different reflection.
Illustration by David Melanson

Just suppose that the mirror has the ability to capture those reflections and give them life in a world on the other side of the glass?

Have you ever put two mirrors opposite each other? Have you seen the endless hallway of reflections reaching to eternity? If you have, you have seen the Way. It is an infinite world and within it are thousands upon thousands of reflected worlds.

Skilled Magicians like Jamus, can learn to navigate the unending corridors and even use the Way to pass from one place to another, and from one time to another.

But the Way is fraught with dangers. Reflections long for True Life, an existence with body and breath in the real world. To gain it, they will try to overcome those who enter the Way in order to take their places in the real world. Those foolish enough to fall into the traps and false worlds  within may never find their way back to reality.

Mastering the Way demands the Sorcerer follow the halls to their very end, where he will meet himself--or his exact opposite--join with that alter ego and conquer him. By closing the circle of the Way, he has learned its secret, and become a whole and powerful individual in control of both his own worse nature and the Way itself.  While never quite free of its dangers, he may wander its halls boldly daring its challenges and using its Magic to his own benefit.

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