Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Breaking the Rules

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Reflections and Tapestries

Magiskeep's world does have its rules, particularly with the Magic. And it's important that characters, the plot, and circumtances in the stories maintain those rules. What cannot be today, also cannot be tomorrow.

Or can it?

One of the more complex and intriguing facets of the world of Magiskeep is the Way of Mirrors, and the Riddles of the Tapestries. Both immerse Jamus in worlds alien to the "real" Magiskeep.

One of the frequently repeated concepts is that "time has no meaning in the Way."  Once Jamus enters the Way of Mirrors, reality it twisted by reflections. Each "room," each mirror offers a new world with its own rules. Most often it's possible to find parallel existences easy enough to understand, But once in a while, reality becomes so skewed by reflections of reflections, that nothing is as it seems.
As a Master of the Way, Jamus is usually equipped to deal with these strange worlds and those who people them. Yet, even for him, it is often a challenge.

The tapestries are full of worlds twisted from the expected course of history by broken threads in their weaves. Essentially, something has gone wrong in the passage of Turan's history, and until it's fixed, the future of the Great Circle is threatened. It becomes Jamus' task to discover the flaw and mend it, restoring the tapestry's integrity, thus assuring the existence of the world he knows.

These flaws are the riddles he must solve on his path to become the Rivermaster. Each riddle solved takes him one step nearer to his ultimate destiny to protect the world from The Black Dragon's ambition to end the Great Circle and plunge the world back into ignorance where he and his minions can rule mankind.

Usually, a tapestry is woven of the Eldenlore, the ancient history of Turan. They tend to be filled with real people who once lived in the land. Still the twisted threads can distort the rules, creating worlds with unexpected Magic. Again, as Jamus' destiny demands, he must learn that Magic and master it in order to restore Turan's Way.

So, as far as the rules go in Magiskeep, it all depends on where and when you are.

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